Who will be the next victim ?


More news from Pegasus, for the second time on the same day! While this morning The world revealed that the DGSI would have said no to spyware to develop its own alternative, indeed we learn that it has made an additional victim. This is a Polish prosecutor, namely Ewa Wrzosek, probably targeted by her own government for investigating possibly fraudulent elections.

The lawyer also took advantage of her position of choice to regularly criticize the power in place since 2015, which could have earned her increased surveillance from the latter. It must be said that the methods ofAndrzej Duda, at the head of the country for more than six years now and classified on the right, are strongly criticized both locally and internationally.

Apple intervenes

It was Apple who warned Wrzosek directly, via a message explaining that the attackers “supported by the state”(These are the words of the Apple, black and white) have probably targeted his iPhone. This thanks to the use of a malicious program and controlled remotely, that is to say an operating procedure which corresponds exactly to that of the NSO Group, publisher of Pegasus. If you also want to know if your own mobile is possibly affected, then check out this method.

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In a tweet, Wrzosek shared screenshots of the mail received from Cupertino and therefore directly appeals to Zbigniew Tadeusz Ziobro, current Minister of Justice, about this. He does not seem to have reacted since, at least via his own account on the blue bird platform.

What to do in the face of this kind of danger?

Apple’s advice if you’ve been targeted by spyware like Pegasus comes down to two key points:

Needless to say that even by using the iOS VPN, blocking inter-application tracking or even more “secure” apps with end-to-end encryption such as Signal, the vulnerability to zero-day hacks remains. rigor.

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