Why alcohol gives you diarrhea and how to avoid it?

Why Alcohol Gives You Diarrhea

An effect of alcoholic drinks that many people experience is diarrhea. It is an effect that few like to talk about but that is quite common. We tell you why and how to reduce the chances of it happening.

You must first understand the path that alcohol follows in your body. When you drink, the alcohol reaches the bloodstream and then the stomach. If it is empty, absorption will be rapid, then it absorbs the small intestine and then goes to the large intestine from which it leaves with feces and urine.

Why Alcohol Give You Diarrhea

Four Reasons For Diarrhea

  1. Irritates and inflames. Alcohol can lead to increased production of acid in the stomach, which can increase irritation and inflammation. This irritation often can cause diarrhea explains Dr. Graham Rogers in Medical News Today.
  2. Bad absorption of liquids. Normally the large intestine absorbs fluids from the stool before you defecate. But alcohol can alter the function of the large intestine and with it the absorption of liquids. So your stool will be liquid and you can become dehydrated.
  3. Digestion is accelerated: The colon muscles contract more often to pass stool faster than normal. This causes diarrhea due to the lack of time in the intestines to digest.
  4. Good bacteria are killed: Alcohol can temporarily kill helpful bacteria in the intestines and allow other non-beneficial bacteria to grow rapidly, which favors diarrhea.
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Good bacteria will be favored when alcohol consumption ceases and normal eating resumes.

Drinks That Have The Greatest Potential To Cause Diarrhea

  • Beer. It has more carbohydrates compared to other alcoholic beverages and the body may have a hard time breaking them down as digestion is affected by alcohol.
  • Came. Some people have diarrhea more frequently when consuming wine. A cause may be an allergy to the tannins found in grapes.
  • Prepared Drinks. Excess sugar can cause the contents of the intestines to be flushed out faster.

Who Is Most At Risk Of Diarrhea?

People who have intestinal diseases are more likely to experience diarrhea when drinking alcohol. Mainly those with celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and Crohn’s disease.

Those who have irregular sleep schedules. Studies indicate that lack of regular sleep makes the digestive tract more sensitive to the effects of alcohol because it is not resting normally.

How To Avoid Diarrhea?

  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Eat before drinking alcohol, if there is food in the stomach the rate of alcohol absorption will decrease and with it the risk of diarrhea.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages mixed with caffeine. Caffeine can increase the speed of digestion.
  • Avoid sugary drinks
  • Drink in moderation
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What To Do If You Have Diarrhea From Drinking Alcohol?

  • Don’t drink alcohol until your digestion returns to normal.
  • Drink plenty of fluids like water, soups, and broths to replace fluid loss.
  • Eat some salty foods like crackers.
  • Eat potassium-rich foods like bananas.
  • You can eat cooked vegetables, eggs, rice, and chicken.


  • Drinks containing caffeine.
  • Dairy products like milk, cheese, and ice cream. Yes, you can consume yogurt.
  • Fatty food.
  • Spicy foods.
  • Diet drinks.
  • Sugar-free chewing gum and candy containing sweeteners such as sorbitol, mannitol, and xylitol.

Consult the doctor If you have symptoms of dehydration, fever, or diarrhea it persists more than two days without any decrease. Also, ask for attention if you have severe abdominal or rectal pain.

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