Why and how to use Google Ads Editor

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Google Ads Editor is a free downloadable application, which allows you to work your Google Ads campaigns offline. But its main interest is to allow you to work quickly: thanks to Google Ads Editor, you can modify a very large number of items on your account, or create campaigns.

How to get started on Google ads editor?

To get started, you need to upload your accounts to the app. It could not be easier. After downloading the app to your computer, you need to sign in to the Google account where your MCC (Multicompte Center) or Google Ads account is located. A tab opens, with a code. You just have to copy paste this code in the part indicated in the software.

Once logged in, you can import the accounts or campaigns you want to work on. One of the advantages of Google ads Editor is indeed to be able to work all your accounts, simultaneously, and to switch from one to the other easily.

All your campaigns currently online will be imported. This will allow you to start working.

Why and how to use Google Ads Editor

Bulk edit on Google ads Editor

This tool allows you to make a large number of modifications, then import them once you have internet access. This is because with simple copy and paste and bulk edits, you can save time when you need to manage accounts with many campaigns, ads, and keyword lists.

You can also find and replace text. Thus, you can create your announcements, and change the content if your speech or specific information (such as dates for example) that you had indicated in your descriptions need to be changed. To do this, you simply have to select all the ads concerned, modify the text and this action will be done automatically on all the ads in your selection.

bulk edit google ads editor

Finally, you also have the option of download a file in CSV format, by going to the “import” part of the main banner. This allows you to work on larger volumes of data.

You can even work on multiple accounts at the same time, if necessary.

Import Google ads Editor changes to Google ads

Once you’re done making any changes or creations for campaigns, ad groups, and other actions on Google ads Editor, be sure to check your work. To do this, you just need to position yourself on “account” and “verify the modifications”. Once the Google ads Editor tells you that the items are validated, you can then afford to import the changes. They will be directly applied to your Google ads account.

It is therefore important to check your work well beforehand because the importation implies that you will not be able to go back, unless you make changes to the software or your account.

In the context of teamwork, it may also be important to use the “comment” function, located in the configuration area, in order to specify the modifications made, before importing them. You can thus validate with the other SEA consultants in charge of the project, that the modifications correspond to the needs of the client.

Google Ads Editor is therefore the perfect tool for people who regularly work on large Google Ads accounts, particularly in SEA agencies, because it saves a lot of time.

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