Why Apple remains a safe bet on the stock market

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At the beginning of the year, Apple achieved a first in the history of the Stock Exchange, which many thought unattainable. Thus, the capitalization of the Cupertino company has exceeded 3000 billion dollars.

A wind of optimism surrounds Apple

Since then, the value of the share has fallen a little but remains at a satisfactory level. And precisely, in our addressed to investors, Daniel Ives, the well-known financial analyst of Wedbush, sees very solid prospects for the Apple brand in 2022.

According to him, the shortage of electronic components, which always poses serious problems for large technology companies, will not prevent Apple from experiencing a ” monster growth cycle ” This year.

He expects an improvement in the supply chain from June. Among the good news for the Cupertino company, we find China where it has gained market share recently thanks to the iPhone 12 and 13 ranges.

These solid foundations have led Daniel Ives to attribute the “Outperform” rating to Apple, whose share price, currently around 170 dollars, could well reach 200 dollars. This development would also be boosted by the service sector on which the Apple brand is betting a lot, without however relaxing its attention on material activity.

Of course, these predictions should always be taken with caution. However, we can still note that a certain optimism surrounds the Tech giant, which is always a good point in the business world.

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