Why are Raphy Pina and Daddy Yankee so close?

Why are Raphy Pina and Daddy Yankee so close?

Raphy Pina has developed a close relationship with Daddy Yankee that continues to this day and is even reflected in the support that the reggaeton legend publicly gives his manager in this difficult time that he has to go through in life, by be sentenced to more than three years in prison.

The celebrities have maintained a beautiful friendship for years and it is so deep that they even consider themselves “family”. In fact, on social networks, the two have repeatedly shown the quality time they share together and with their respective partners and children.

Daddy Yankee was by Pina’s side throughout the legal process and even testified in her favor. In addition, he showed his support on social networks with a heartfelt message:

“There are people who are free but live in a prison, and there are people who are in a prison but are free. It’s all a matter of mentality, as I told you. This is just a learning moment. Let’s go straight ahead, 24 /7, with wisdom and meekness”, wrote the interpreter of “Gasolina” along with a tender image of both together with Vida Isabelle, the youngest daughter of Raphy Pina who had the artist Natti Natasha.

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