Why are there more infidels during quarantine?

¿Por qué hay más infieles durante la cuarentena?

Despite the fact that, theoretically, most people are sheltered at home due to the coronavirus issue, in recent weeks there has been an increase in uncovered infidelity situations.

How is this possible? The answer is on the Internet.

On the web there are hundreds of dating sites and apps, so it is very easy for anyone to “connect” with another person and thus put an end to the boredom and monotony of being locked up 24 hours with their partners. For this reason, several of these portals have had a considerable increase in their number of subscribers in recent weeks.

What motivates you to seek an adventure during quarantine?

According to the data collected in a survey conducted by the dating app Lasting, in which 1,200 users who claimed to be married or engaged, participated, the big problem they have had to face during their quarantine is the issue of sex, particularly about when is the ideal time to be intimate.

Only 18% of those surveyed claimed to feel satisfied, at this time, on this issue and with the communication they have with their partner, although the majority said that their main problems at home is the frequency with which they have sex, followed by himpurchasing decisions and the time the couple spends on their cell phone.

40% of the couples surveyed indicated that they are spending more than 20 additional hours per week with their partners as a result of the confinement; Although it seems something positive, to some it has generated situations of anxiety and stress.

Confinement can be “suffocating” and therefore, many seek in these places that “release” they need to feel better and whole.

Other reasons why there has been an increase in “virtual infidelity” is simply to end the boredom of quarantine or because being at home with their partners has shown them that they are going through a pothole and perhaps they need “New stimuli”, in order to give free rein to sexuality and the fantasies that it entails and that have not been put into practice.


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