LifeStyle Relationships Why are you criticizing the new Ludwika Paleta series?

Why are you criticizing the new Ludwika Paleta series?


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Recently actresses Ludwika Palette Y Paulina Goto premiered their series on Netflix titled Mother there are only two which is about two women who discover that their babies were accidentally switched at birth. And although the series has liked several, there has been criticism, the most recent by part of a collective of parents fighting for the rights of their children.

A few days after its premiere, the series was positioned among the most viewed content on the platform, however now it aroused the anger of the group called # 1000Pelotasparati who argue that the production promotes misconceptions about motherhood and couples’ relationships, especially because of the dynamics between the character of Javier Ponce Y Goto who enter into a legal conflict over the custody of your baby.

“Ridicule, less value the father figure or any of the figures that make up the life of a minor It seems to us that not only does it not help, but it affects the progress made by society that is fighting more and more for equality every day, ”they write in their official statement. “It is not only a series that unfortunately reinforces the behaviors of obstruction of ties. This series justifies the departure of a Father from the children’s lives, due to the wound of a mother ”, he declares.

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Now, although the group does not ask to veto the series, it does request that a warning note is placed for “excess bad examples” due to the emotional and psychological consequences that production can bring, as the medium takes up The universal.

Faced with the controversy, the actresses have not commented on the matter, however, on social networks, users expressed their different points of view and there are those who support the proposal. We will have to wait to see how Netflix pronounces on it.

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- Advertisement -Why are you criticizing the new Ludwika Paleta series?Why are you criticizing the new Ludwika Paleta series?

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- Advertisement -Why are you criticizing the new Ludwika Paleta series?Why are you criticizing the new Ludwika Paleta series?

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