Why clean 301 & 404 on a site?

nettoyage 404 et 301

What do you need to know about 301 codes?

What you need to know about 301 codes is that they have negative effects on your SEO on several points:

Link juice dilution

Link juice in seo is the power that a page sends to another page that comes from the same domain or another. This link juice is important in SEO, especially in a netlinking strategy.
What we know about the 301 is that each time a link returns this response code you lose some juice. Imagine, it’s like in plumbing, you will always have less chance of having a leak if there are no connections between several pipes.

Here is a more concrete example: If you netlink to the home page and 50% of your links present on the home are in 301 you risk losing a lot of power for your child pages and therefore less good results.

Bad indicator for Google

Google constantly sends its robots to crawl your site to detect new pages, modifications or potential errors. So imagine if Google realizes that you have a lot of 301s on your site! You could penalize your SEO, but don’t worry, we’ll see later in this article how to fix this kind of problem.

Cascading redirects

A cascading redirect is a redirect that redirects to another redirect. There may be cases where redirects multiply and seriously impact your SEO. Imagine if you lose link juice at every node or if Google does not find its way easily! These cascading redirects sometimes take place directly on the server in the htaccess, or through a mismanaged redirect plugin. It is also very common for these problems to occur during a hazardous migration

What you need to know about the 404 error on site

We mentioned it a little earlier, but as a reminder: a 404 error tells the user and Google’s bots that a URL is wrong, that a page has disappeared or never even existed. Thus, one can imagine that the user arrives in a cul-de-sac facing a closed door. If neither the robots nor the visitors have access to the content, this is likely to have several impacts.

Deindexing of pages

As we know, Google favors user experience (UX), so when it realizes that your pages do not exist, it may after a while decide to de-index from your search results .

Broken internal mesh

If your linked pages with others are broken with a 404 error, there is a big risk that other pages will no longer receive link juice or even visits from robots.

What should be done to overcome 301 and 404 errors on your site?

To overcome http code errors on your website, you will need take an overview of the site, particularly in the html code . At first position our technical SEO agencywe realize thetechnical audit of your websiteby analyzing each blocking point. It is important to go through this step especially before a migration and even more after the migration. The best advice we have for you is to trust our SEO experts to:

  • migrating your site
  • build your redirection plans,
  • list the links that do not return a 200 code.
  • modify the links that are detrimental to your strategic pages
  • re-index pages that may have been de-indexed
  • perform a log analysis
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