Why did Alicia Machado and Bob Abreu end their relationship in 2005?

Why did Alicia Machado and Bob Abreu end their relationship in 2005?

Alicia Machado had several controversial romances that have been discussed throughout her professional and media career. One of them was Bob Abreu who, although he was not part of the artistic world; he did have high exposure due to his sports work in the United States Major League Baseball.

In 2005, while the Venezuelan baseball player was triumphing on the courts, he also developed a love relationship with the former Miss Universe, but not for long.

It is believed that the sentimental relationship between Alicia Machado and her compatriot was cut short by public and media infidelity. She was the model and actress who cheated on the player in a reality show.

Alicia Machado had sexual relations while participating in “La Granja de los Famosos” (Antena 3) with one of her companions, the Spanish driver Fernando Acaso; reason for which she was expelled from the program.

After what happened, Bob Abreu would have terminated their romantic relationship. “I never thought things like this would happen. She behaved very respectfully with me and like a lady, ”said the player at that time during an interview with the cable network Telefutura.

Abreu indicated that her love with Machado had ended (supposedly) before she traveled to Spain to participate in the program, although she indicated that she had to think things over before doing them and did not speak about it again.

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