Why diet sodas can harm your health

Por qué los refrescos light pueden generar daño a tu salud

Indirectly, diet sodas can promote an increase in body weight

They usually introduce us to light sodas as healthier alternatives to regular sodas, but this may not be the case. Even light sodas may be more harmful than usual. Below we indicate which conditions diet sodas can stimulate and why you should regulate their consumption.

one. Heart disease

According to an article on the Salud 180 portal, a woman who drinks 1 or more diet sodas a day could increase your risk of having a heart attack or suffering from a cardiovascular problem.

Antonio Gil, specialist of the Spanish Society of Neurology, indicates that soft drinks in general contain sodium and fructose that raise blood pressure considerably when diet sodas are consumed in excess.

two. Diabetes

Regular consumption of 1 or 2 cans of diet soda could also increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 60%.

One of the reasons for this is that aspartame, the main artificial sweetener of these substances, causes a increased blood sugar, and also spikes in insulin levels, which could increase resistance.

3. Smetabolic syndrome

Purdue University did research that associates the daily consumption of diet sodas with a 36% chance of developing metabolic syndrome in direct comparison with a diet exempted from diet sodas.

He metabolic syndrome it concentrates the risk factors that increase the chances of developing cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes.

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Four. Increased weight

Diet sodas can indirectly promote weight gain since, as they are not satiating enough, they can encourage greater consumption of solid foods.

According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the body does not metabolize artificial sweeteners such as glucose, causing them to accumulate in the body as grease, which increases the risk of being overweight.

In conclusion, do not rely too much on the refreshments Lightas they can be more harmful to us than their regular versions. However, this will also depend on your consumption, that is, if it is excessive or if you manage to regulate it.


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