Why do children grind their teeth?

Why do children grind their teeth?

Among children it is common for there to be teeth grinding, or better defined as bruxism, an episode that, according to specialists, is accentuated at night when they are asleep and therefore they do it unconsciously.

In relation to the reasons why people do this are: stress, anxiety, hyperactivity and physical pain, according to data provided by the Delta Dental site. But in the case of children, the main reason is related to the growth of the teeth or a possible misalignment between them, which requires a consultation with a professional.

Bruxism produces health consequences in children, such as headache, ear and jaw pain, wear on tooth enamel and even fracture of some of the teeth. For this reason it is essential that you seek help from a trained person to provide the appropriate treatment.

Other advice given on the aforementioned site is to avoid giving children drinks that contain sugar and caffeine, to carry out a relaxation routine at least 30 minutes before bed, to reduce the time they are exposed to screens and to pay attention to any discomfort that Sienna your son, to act on time.

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