LifeStyle Relationships Why do my fingers swell during exercise?

Why do my fingers swell during exercise?


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Swelling of the fingers may be a response of the body and blood vessels

You may have occasionally noticed the swelling of fingers that you experience shortly after exercising. If you want to know why this is, we will talk more about it here.

Causes of swelling of the fingers

According to Dr. Edward Laskowski of Mayo Clinic, there is no exact cause identified for swelling of the fingers. However, bloating appears to be a response from your body and blood vessels to the energy demands of exercise.

When you exercise, your body directs blood circulation to the heart and lungs. This can reduce the circulation of blood to your hands, which will promote cooling. At the same time, blood vessels in the hands may widen more, increasing the volume of that area.

The swelling of the fingers can also be explained in that, when you are exercising, your body produces heat. For this, your system brings blood to the vessels closest to the surface to dissipate it. Apart from increasing the volume of your fingers, this response also produces perspiration.

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Swelling of the fingers may also be due to hyponatremia, an extremely low level of sodium concentration. This disease, which also betrays vomiting and excessive water consumption, requires immediate medical attention.

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It should be noted, finally, that there is no way to prevent or reduce swelling of the fingers and hands, but it is possible to reduce the discomfort caused by this situation.

It never hurts to be careful, but how did you see hereswelling of fingers It is a natural consequence of your physical training, so it is not a health issue that you should worry about too much.



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- Advertisement -Why do my fingers swell during exercise?Why do my fingers swell during exercise?

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- Advertisement -Why do my fingers swell during exercise?Why do my fingers swell during exercise?

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