Why do some people think about sex compulsively?

Why do some people think about sex compulsively?

Sex addiction can wreak havoc on a person’s personal and social life

Some celebrities are “recognized” for having intense sexual desires that have led them to perform dishonest acts. They are said to be sex addicts for having unbridled behavior around him.

Contrary to what many think, the sex addiction is a real disorder and that it has a true negative impact on the life of those who suffer from it. Next, it is established what could be its origin according to a Swedish investigation.

Research on sex addiction

According to El Confidencial, it is very likely that science is getting closer to the possible origins of sex addiction, which apparently would be due to a difference from the genetics of addicts, with respect to the common population.

According to information, excess oxytocin It could be the cause of some experiencing intense sexual desire, because these people would be attracted to multiple people at once, thus increasing their chances of having sex.

Oxytocin is the call “love hormone”Because she is responsible for making us attracted to other people, for women to give birth and for them to generate breast milk.

He excess oxytocin It would also make sex more pleasurable than it normally is, according to research conducted by a group of specialists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

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During the investigation they were compared blood samples of people in treatment for sex addiction with samples from people who were not, and the difference in oxytocin levels was found between them.

The sex addiction It is a real disease that threatens the healthy enjoyment of sexuality, and that prevents it from developing properly in society. If you have a sexual desire that you cannot control, the recommendation is to visit a specialist to diagnose and treat your disease.


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