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Why is it good to eat lentils in hot weather?


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Eating lentils is a great nutritional ally in all seasons of the year. Discover the benefits of integrating them as an important part of the menu in summer, they are light and very satisfying

Lentils are a food with great nutritional power, they stand out for their high content of proteins, carbohydrates and essential minerals.

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Legumes are part of the healthier and more balanced food, are essential in the Mediterranean diet and in vegetarian dietary guidelines. Its featured nutritional valueHe confers great therapeutic properties and they are one of the most valued ingredients in the cuisine of many countries.

Among the most famous variants are lentils, it is a plant (Lens esculenta) which comes from the family of legumes or papillion plants. Lentils are the seeds of this plant, they stand out for their small size and brown color and they are considered one of the foods with the highest protein content, in fact it is estimated that they contain close to 25% more than other legumes like beans and chickpeas and even some products of animal origin.

The truth is a plate of lentils It is not necessarily one of the most popular dishes in heat seasonThis is largely due to the fact that we choose to consumer less soups, stews, stews or stews and we opted for lighter foods. Thanks to your nutritional power lentils must be integrated as a everyday food in the diet, bring essential nutrients that the body needs to function properly and they are also very versatile in the kitchen.

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One of the great advantages of integrating lentil consumption in hot season, is due to its extraordinary contribution in complex carbohydrates that have the peculiarity of being a slow absorbing food. This is an aspect that intervenes positively balancing blood glucose levels, that is why they are a great ally for people who have diabetes and are also a popular food of low glycemic index. At the same time, this type of carbohydrates is related to providing quality energy to the body.

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Integrate light preparations of lentils in summer It is a good nutritional supplement to take care of the line and even lose weight. This is due to their great satiating power and no fat content. To see her exceptional fiber content positively intervenes in the digestion process and intestinal transit, in such a way that the elimination of toxins and wastes lodged in the body. This detox effect It is a good complement to feel lighter and more agile, Specially in warm weather season.

When it is very hot the body tends to dehydrate more easily, it is normal that when sweating they are lost important electrolytes and nutrients. Eating lentils is wonderful for replenish hydration and substances, this is due to its unmatched wealth of essential minerals provides an extraordinary content in iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and selenium.

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This contribution in minerals is related to great benefits, the iron It is a good ally for combat chronic fatigue and anemia. Potassium intervenes positively for regulate high blood pressure levels, calcium strengthens bones and improves the functioning of the nervous system. The match is essential for the good neural function, while magnesium and selenium they are good allies to strengthen to the immune system.

Some ideas to consume them in summer:

One of the great benefits of lentils without a doubt is his great versatility, which allows integrating them harmonious way in all kinds of dishes. A good alternative is to integrate them into fresh recipes that stand out for being served warm or cold, mix them with seasonal vegetables and light vinaigrettes is a great option. Here some ideas of summer preparations:

  • Lentil Ceviches, They are ideal to mix in warm with vegetables to taste. Season with olive oil and vinegar, they are delicious.
  • In saladsSteamed and cold served are a great ingredient for creating all kinds of salads. They are perfect since they provide a extra very valuable in nutrients.
  • Lentil Burgers, a wonderful and vegetarian alternative. Accompany with salads and fresh vegetables.
  • Lentils curry, a great choice of summer stew. Colorful, full of flavors and aromas.
  • Lentil croquettes, the perfect snack or snack. Use light and healthy sauces to accompany them. hummus is a great option.
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- Advertisement -Why is it good to eat lentils in hot weather?Why is it good to eat lentils in hot weather?

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- Advertisement -Why is it good to eat lentils in hot weather?Why is it good to eat lentils in hot weather?

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