Why is it really time to think about your Tiktok Ads advertising strategy?

Tiktok Ads

Became the favorite application of a large part of the French population during the first confinement in March 2020 and now the most downloaded application in the world after Facebook; Tiktok has made its entry into advertising platforms with a complete offer and strategic and creative support.

With a discreet start for a few advertisers, the advertising wave quickly accelerated on Tiktok with many new products, formats and more and more advertisers now competing with Facebook and Instagram. It all started with an advertisement approximately every 10 videos in 2020 and only a few brands and formats available now have an advertisement every 4 videos with increasingly creative and adapted formats.

Why get started on the Tiktok platformAds?

Indeed many questions arise: how to start on tiktok? what to do if you don’t know the platform? is advertising expensive? who will therefore create all this content?

Don’t panic, here are 3 arguments that will reassure you and convince you to think about your strategy on Tiktok:

1 – You enter the world of possibilities with tiktok ads

Indeed, we find on the platform content for all tastes and therefore multiple targets to be reached (including 13-17 year olds but the platform is not only for young people, beware). Many business sectors have positioned themselves to advertise: transport (sncf, rayanair), beauty and care (ceravé, l’oréal, beautybay and many others), fashion, drinks, glasses, technology products (smartphone), cinema etc …

The platform is multi-sector but also multi-budget because you will find formats adapted to all budgets: from the smallest purse with in-feed videos (CPCs of less than € 0.10) to the largest budget with challenges or first video (€ 2000 min for a weekly broadcast).

Note that it is not necessary to create an organic account in order to serve advertising on Tiktok. This is a definite advantage since it is conceivable that not all companies have the capacity to fund a Tiktok account on a regular and regular basis with quality videos.

2 – You are not alone to create your content on TIKTOK

It is not easy to get started on a platform for which we do not know the codes, formats and expected creativity. On Tiktok, video content with soundtrack is king and adapting to platform codes is essential to integrate and grab users’ attention. Know that you are not alone in getting started. The business center platform is very well developed to help you adapt your video content to the application with a video creator that offers you sounds, video creations from images, filters and creations to integrate directly into the platform. .

You have no videos? Tiktok has launched its own creator marketplace (https://creatormarketplace.tiktok.com/) that allows you as a business to find creators who match your audience and co-create your videos. Everything is done on the platform where you will find complete profiles together that you can contact to create a collaboration and then exploit it on your organic account or in advertising.

3 – You are (almost) alone in the world

Undeniable advantage of Tiktok: the application is full-screen and therefore you are not in competition with other content that may attract attention. Unlike the other levers where distraction is everywhere on the left and right banners, the other visualsand advertisers; on Tiktok if your video is of high quality and matches the platform, you have your user’s full attention throughout the video.

With a good strategy that follows the conversion funnel you have all your chances to anchor yourself in the minds of consumers, to blend in perfectly with organic content and perhaps create a buzz on the platform if you find the sound or create the sound. video that will start the next trend.

You are now convinced? Do not hesitate to contact us to support you in your future Tiktok strategy.

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