Why is my MacBook Pro’s MagSafe cable blinking?

MacBook Pro MagSafe 2021

Affected products

This article deals with resolving an incident involving the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros released in late 2021. There does not appear to be a distinction between M1 Pro and M1 Max processor here, nor for any other technical specification.

However, only the 2021 MacBook Pros running macOS Monterey 12.0.1 seem targeted, but not those running macOS Monterey 12.1 apparently.

The bug

On these laptops, the magnetic power cable will occasionally flash yellow. In fact, it seems that this only happens when fast charging is not triggered. This can theoretically fill half the capacity in thirty minutes according to the manufacturer, but is only available with a dedicated 160 watt adapter which is not always supplied in the box of the device.

Normally, the indicator light on the MagSafe 3 plug displays constant yellow during an effective charge, and turns green when the MacBook Pro is fully charged. Colors which, as we have been able to underline in the past, are still far too close to each other to be detected correctly by many pairs of eyes.

The solution

Several victims chose to contact Apple directly for help from the manufacturer. But he seems confused for the moment, and would not have been able to provide clear and effective answers to his customers.

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Everything leads to believe, however, that the person in charge is macOS 12.0.1, a version of the operating system delivered very quickly after the official release of Monterey, the most recent major version with many additional features. To remedy this, it would therefore suffice to update your machine to macOS 12.1 (those who have this version confirm). Only downside: this edition is only available in beta for the moment, so installing it could certainly solve this bug but cause others.

The best alternative therefore remains… patience. It’s probably only a matter of days before macOS Monterey 12.1 launches in final release, so don’t miss the mark. See you in about one to three weeks.

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