Why is Ómicron proposing to end the count of coronavirus infections?

El doctor Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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“Its alot more relevant to look at hospitalizations than the total number of cases”. The statement corresponds to the doctor Anthony Fauci, who puts on the table that there are many contagions of covid-19 by the Omicron variant; but nevertheless, most cases cause few or no symptoms.

Like him, others experts believe that attention should stop being on the explosive increase in cases registered in the United States and other parts of the world, to better focus on the number of patients who have required hospitalization, a figure that does not show such a rapid increase.

It is the case of Wafaa El-Sadr, Director of the Center for Global Health at Columbia University, ICAP. Consider that, more than the number of infections – a figure that does not seem to be the most important at this time—The United States should “change the approach, especially in the vaccination phase, to focus on preventing illness, disability, and death, and, therefore, count the latter ”.

But there are also voices that consider that it is still valuable to keep a count of cases.

In the past two weeks, courtesy of the Omicron variant expansion, new cases of covid-19 per day have tripled, until reaching a outrageous 480,000 average. Airlines, hospitals and even schools suffer from the lack of personnel as a result of the isolation of those who have been infected.

Last week, as The Associated Press highlights, hospital admissions showed an average of 14,800 each day, 63% more than the previous week. However, they are below last year’s daily high of 16,500 cases. At the time, most of the American population did not have a vaccine.

Meanwhile, the death toll has remained stable in the last two weeks: 1,200 a day on average.

Since the outbreak, one of the most closely followed statistics around the world has been the number of cases per day. However, it is subject to fluctuations.

For example, Monday’s figure was over a million, but it should be noted that reporting some cases may have been delayed within the framework of the holiday weekend. And as one more indicator of the shocking ability to spread, Ómicron is responsible for 95% of new infections in the country.

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