Why the Apple Watch Series 7 is already being criticized

Apple Watch Series 7

The keynote took place last night California Streaming, during which we were able to discover the Apple Watch Series 7. But during the conference, nothing was specified about the performance of the device. If the absence of data concerning the RAM is now a habit with the manufacturer (except with the new iPad Pro), it is however the first time that the processor is absent from the presentation.

And for good reason: according to the research of a developer who analyzed the latest version of the Xcode software, the CPU is quite simply the same as on the Series 6. More precisely, the program from Apple that allows you to update its apps for watchOS 8 mentions a chip called t8301. However, this code name is precisely the one used by Cupertino for the S6, integrated into the wearable released at the end of 2020.

A delay assumed?

What’s more, internally, it turns out that the different versions of the Apple Watch Series 7 are numbered Watch6.6 To Watch6.9, when the Series 6 is listed for its part of Watch6.1 To Watch6.4. Apple has therefore not updated its nomenclature as is usually the case for all of its new products. According to some, this may be the sign of a technical problem encountered at the last minute, on which the engineers of the Apple then focused in order to finish in time for Tuesday evening.

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What’s more, the Series 7 does not yet have an official availability date. As can be seen on the website of the Apple Store, it is in fact specified that the device will arrive “this autumn“. For comparison, the Series 6 had opened its pre-orders three days after being announced. As for the iPhone 13 presented also on Tuesday evening, they also have a rather fast schedule with deliveries from September 24.

Few notable changes

Reactions following the announcement of Series 7 have also been relatively mixed on social networks. Indeed, many consumers believe that this edition is only a minor update, while the thermometer and a revisited design were particularly expected. And you, do you think this new product is worth spending several hundred dollars just for a few material differences?

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