Why the arrival of the iPad Pro with OLED screen will not necessarily be good news

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While Apple already produces iPad Pro with mini-LED screens instead of traditional LCDs, rumors are already circulating about future models that would have OLED-type screens. As a reminder, this technology is already used by smartphones in the series iPhone 13and it improves the quality of the display, but it can also help save energy, which is beneficial for autonomy.

The iPad Pro OLED in 2024?

A few days ago, the Korea IT News site published an article indicating that Apple should start marketing iPad Pro equipped with OLED-type screens in 2024, while explaining that these OLED models should have a better quality of images, and that they should also be lighter. But for the moment, the Cupertino company would test prototypes.

Otherwise, the Korean media also indicates that the OLED screens used by Apple on these future iPad Pro should benefit from a process called dry etching or dry etching. And for the quality of the product, this is good news.

Dry etching, the process that could drive prices up

On its website, Samsung Display, which is one of Apple’s display suppliers, explains that etching or etching, “by definition, means sculpting shapes by corroding the surface of a metal or glass. Etching in the context of displays refers to a process of removing unwanted portions of a thin film transistor (TFT) to cut out a circuit pattern. »

Samsung Display also indicates that there are two techniques, wet etching and dry etching. According to the Korean giant, dry etching is based on physical and chemical reactions, and allows for better precision. However, its disadvantage is that it is a more expensive and slower technique.

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Of course, for the moment, the information published by Korea IT News should be treated with caution. However, if these are accurate, it could mean that the iPad Pro with OLED display could cost more.

But Apple would like its OLED screen to be as light as possible, and dry etching would achieve this result. Besides that, Apple would develop a special coating to improve the durability of the screen. And still according to the Korean media, Samsung and LG would be the suppliers of the Cupertino company. These two companies would also plan to invest in new production capacity for OLED screens.

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9" 128 GB

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9″ 128GB

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