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You may have already noticed a cloud symbol appear next to an app name on the iPhone or iPad. Some of you are surely wondering what it is and how to make it disappear. In this new tutorial, we explain the meaning of this symbol and how to prevent it from appearing randomly under some of your application icons, on iPhone, but also on iPad.

Why this symbol of the cloud?

If this “cloud” symbol is visible next to the name of an application on your iPhone or iPad, it means that the app in question has not been open long enough for iOS to uninstall it automatically. The app is still available, but in the cloud. It must be downloaded again to be used again.

Clouds over apps

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This symbol only appears when the “Uninstall unused apps” function has been activated, in Settings > App Store.

Clouds on apps and settingsClouds on apps and settings

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When activated, this function has the advantage of saving you disk space by automatically uninstalling unused applications, while keeping them displayed on the home screen just in case. In addition, the system retains documents and data from apps deleted in this way, so that when relaunched, you will find the app as you left it, with all your associated information. The function therefore does not completely uninstall applications.

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How to remove the cloud symbol?

To remove the cloud symbol from an app, just tap on it. This will redownload the app in question.

Download appDownload app

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The system will also retrieve your preferences for using the app, as well as the associated data and documents. Note that if the app finds itself unused again for a period of time, iOS will not hesitate to uninstall it again.

Disable automatic deletion of unused apps

To prevent the appearance of this cloud symbol and therefore the automatic deletion of unused apps, you must deactivate the associated setting. To do this, as seen above, go to Settings > App Store. On this page, uncheck the “Uninstall unused apps” option.

Do you use this feature to manage storage space on your device?

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