why this is not the right solution

why this is not the right solution

Buying Instagram followers is a practice to gain a lot of followers in a short time, without marketing efforts and at a lower cost. On paper, it’s attractive. The influencer who is starting out, the brand that is launching or the company that needs to improve its image: many professional accounts are tempted to buy Instagram followers to make themselves known and gain legitimacy thanks to a large number of subscribers.

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However, the dazzling success of the social network has given birth to lucrative business ideas: follower buying services have appeared, taking advantage of the craze for Instagram, but not always in an honest way. Tempting promises and sometimes disappointing results: the risk is clear. While the early practice was easy to unmask, salespeople have perfected themselves and their appealing arguments make the pitfalls hard to spot. Who sells fake followers? Why and how to avoid the pitfalls? Answers.

Where can fake Instagram followers buy?

The well-known technique of Instagram bots makes it easy to gain followers. Another very popular means: buy followers from online providers, on dedicated sites.

Zoom on Instagram follower buying sites

“Real people”, “cheap followers” or even “100% real”: many sites use convincing arguments to offer the purchase of followers, as well as an extensive offer to purchase comments, mentions “j ‘likes’ and Instagram views. Some of these sites are also diversifying, offering a similar offer targeting other social networks such as Facebook or TikTok. Well positioned in Google search results, these providers enjoy high visibility.

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To buy Instagram followers through these sites, all you need to do is:

  1. Indicate the link of the Instagram account.
  2. Select the number of followers you want, and add it to the basket.
  3. To pay.
  4. And wait.

How does it work ? The principle is relatively obscure, the sites do not communicate clearly on their way of gaining followers. They are content to assert that the subscriber accounts are real and that the profiles are French, they ensure that the engagement of acquired followers is strong and that the growth is rapid. Yet on closer inspection, the results may not live up to the promises.

Read between the lines of the T & Cs of Instagram follower buying sites

Deceived by the arguments on the home page, and the very low price moreover often in promotion, the holder of the account Instagram is tempted to buy followers without more precautions. By making inquiries, by consulting verified customer reviews and by reading the GTC or GTCU of the site, the account holder realizes that:

  • The site is committed to an obligation of means and not of result. These legal notions mean that the site does not guarantee that the Instagram account will gain the number of ordered followers, for which the account holder has nevertheless paid. The site only undertakes to do its best. Some sites even mention that the result obtained after paying for the services is not guaranteed to be accurate or reliable.
  • The site limits its liability to a large extent, on elements that are nevertheless essential. Certain T & Cs or T & Cs announce for example that the site is in no way responsible if Instagram decides to penalize an account by temporarily blocking it or by permanently deleting it because it has not complied with the rules of use of the social network. . Likewise, Instagram follower buying sites exclude their liability if the account loses naturally obtained subscribers. In general, many Instagram follower buying sites present themselves as intermediaries, relieved of all responsibilities.
  • The site warns that it can suspend its services, “by decision of a judicial authority”. This statement should alert, insofar as it implies that the site potentially violates Instagram’s terms of use. Some sites even advertise without hiding that they violate the rules of the social network.
  • The site does not offer any guarantees. Some Instagram follower buying sites explain, for example, that the acquired followers sometimes come from blank profiles, fake accounts or inactive accounts.
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Why shouldn’t we buy Instagram followers?

The Instagram follower is a person who subscribes to the account. He subscribes because he is interested in the content of the account, he wants to follow the news of the brand and regularly consult the offer of products and services of the company. For the professional account holder, it is interesting to have Instagram followers to gain notoriety, but above all to engage a qualified community, in order to convert customers. An account followed by a large number of subscribers is attractive: it is a pledge of confidence, which convinces other subscribers by snowball effect. Hence the temptation to succumb to the practice of buying Instagram followers, a practice all the more widespread among influencers in search of notoriety. But beware, the practice is risky. Focus on the major risks to anticipate.

Lack of engagement from the community of followers

By buying followers, the business most of the time gains subscribers who are not qualified. Indeed, the follower buying service provider does not necessarily focus its efforts on the brand’s target customers. The acquired followers are therefore not interested in the content, they do not interact: the purchase is useless.

Also note that often, new followers are inactive accounts: passive, subscribers do not comment and do not like posts. These accounts, when identified as fake accounts by Instagram, are also deleted, in which case the purchase of followers will have been an expense with no return on investment.

Finally, it should be expected that these fake followers often unsubscribe very quickly: they do not represent any value in the long term.

Loss of credibility of the account

When an account is spotted for buying Instagram followers, the company loses its credibility and its brand image deteriorates. As a result, in addition, the account loses subscribers who no longer trust the brand, which is considered to have cheated. However, it is easy to spot the unfair practice of buying Instagram followers, this is the case:

  • If a little-known brand or influencer has a very large number of followers.
  • If the company has a lot of Instagram followers, but very few Facebook fans.
  • If the increase in the number of Instagram followers is dazzling to the point of being suspicious.
  • If the interests of Instagram followers are unrelated to the content of the account.
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However, all of these situations are frequent when the company buys Instagram followers.

The Instagram account in danger

Instagram can delete an account that violates its terms of use, at least temporarily suspend it. In this case, which illustrates the most serious risk, not only did the company pay for the purchase of its followers unnecessarily, but it also endangers its brand image. Difficult to regain the confidence of its customers after such a sanction.

Distorted reporting

Instagram is a powerful communication tool, in particular because the social network makes it possible to exploit useful statistics to develop an effective marketing strategy. By infiltrating fake followers, the company takes away this profit. The results of audience analysis are indeed distorted, they cannot be exploited.

Tips for Getting Instagram Followers Naturally

If buying Instagram followers is not a good solution, it is still possible to delegate your acquisition strategy to a reliable communication agency. It’s also a good idea to make it easier on yourself and improve your performance on Instagram using a platform like HubSpot, which respects the rules of the game and protects the company from any penalties. The followers in fact are then acquired in a natural way.

To implement your natural Instagram subscriber acquisition strategy on your own, some good practices to know:

  1. Have a public account, to be easily found by the Instagram user.
  2. Publish quality content, addressed to its target, to interest users.
  3. Publish content regularly, to retain followers and avoid losses.
  4. Interact with the community, including responding to comments.

To go further, download this free guide and find out what Instagram data you need to know.Engagement on Instagram

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