Why use this service?

If you want to progress and gain skills in natural referencing, the SEO coaching solution is probably made for you!

So that you can see more clearly, let’s analyze the ins and outs of the latter:

What is SEO Coaching?

natural referencing coaching

The simple definition of SEO coaching:

SEO coaching is a specific type of SEO trainingoften done live with an expert teaching one or more people.

What is the purpose of such digital support?

The objective of this support is simple: to ensure that you quickly increase your skills in this area, so that you become autonomous and effective as soon as possible.

As you will have understood, this is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to optimize their own site for search engines (especially Google).

The advantage of this solution:

The main advantage of this solution lies in its adaptive and direct nature: you do not follow a pre-recorded training, but benefit from real interaction with the teacher.

Who is SEO Coaching for?

Whether you are self-employed or work for a large company, get support from a SEO coach is surely one of the best options you have.

As long as your main objective remains to train you in SEO and then act on your own, this solution will satisfy you… provided you call on the right trainer!

What is a good SEO Coach?

google seo coaching

That’s it, you know that SEO coaching is the solution that suits you ? You must now find the right person to support you in your skill development.

But besides, what is a good SEO coach?

A good trainer is above all a good consultant

Would you trust a trainer who has never proven himself as a technician? If you follow our publications at LEPTIDIGITAL, you know that we advocate expertise and quality in all areas of digital marketing.

Thus, any information concerning the level of the trainer as an SEO consultant is good to take and can allow you to sort out the different proposals.

Look for an educational SEO coach

If there is one criterion to take into account in the selection of a trainer, in any field, it is the coach’s pedagogy.

As we know, SEO is a field that is not easy to access and requires the assimilation of a lot of knowledge (vocabulary, SEO logic, etc.). But don’t worry, over the hours of training, you will talk about netlinking, crawl analysis and semantics!

How long does good SEO coaching last?

Depending on the needs of the student, coaching in natural referencing can last a few hours of training but also whole months of monitoring and learning in some cases.

If, for example, you are starting from 0 and want to obtain a good level in natural referencing, several months of support will be necessary.

What is the average price of SEO coaching?

In general, coaching by an SEO freelancer will cost you around 100€ per hour. A good training rhythm would be, for example, 2 hours per week, applying and testing on your side the knowledge assimilated in the meantime.

This rhythm would therefore cost you around 800€ per month and could be maintained over 6 months, which would give a total price of 4800€.

We hope this article has provided you with useful information, do not hesitate to share it if so!

Guest article written by Paul Vengeons

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