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Why walnuts are important to prevent you from gaining weight


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A high consumption of walnuts reduces the risk of gaining 5 or more kilos by 23% and reduces the chances of obesity. Its unsaturated fat content increases energy expenditure and prevents weight gain

It is a fact that we are what we eatToday, with more force than ever, all kinds of eating trends and plans they promote health, well-being and a healthy body weight. Nutrition is one of the most fundamental aspects in these currents, which is why food quality that we consume has become so important.

The truth is nature is wise and provides us with allies that are characterized not only by their great nutritional value, they are also valued for their extraordinary medicinal properties that provide different health benefits. They stand out for their qualities for prevent all kinds of chronic diseases.

There is a long list of foods which are essential in all balanced diet, among the most important are the nuts. They are probably one of the most popular nuts, come from a tree called walnut and are characterized by their hard shell and a peculiar taste somewhat bitter. Among its great nutritional advantages they are attributed as a extraordinary source of protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants, polyphenols and healthy fats.

Various researches have verified the benefits of add walnuts in the daily diet, relate to great benefits for cardiovascular healthbrain function metabolism, digestion and are a great ally to combat various degenerative diseases as the hypertension diabetes and the obesity.

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How do walnuts help to lose weight?

Lately it has attracted special attention the benefits of walnut consumption to have a Healthy weight and prevent obesity. A study published by BMJ, Nutrition, Prevention & Health checked the benefits of increase the consumption of nuts to half a serving per day, it is estimated that it is a habit that can decrease the risk of gain 2 or more kilos over a period of 4 years. According to the same research, eating more nuts is associated with a 15% less risk of obesity.

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The simple act of taking healthier decisions and substitute consumption of processed foods, refined cereals, fast foods, fried and desserts, for the consumption of walnuts is associated with lower long-term weight gain and a lower risk of overweight and obesity in adults. It is estimated that supplementing these foods by eating a portion of walnuts, results in weight gain that is related to low levels, which range from 0.41 and 0.70 kg.

The researchers of this study maintain that a high consumption of nuts reduces by 23% the risk of gaining 5 or more kilos or to become an obese person in the same period of time. It is important to mention that such results are specific to the consumption of nuts and walnuts in particular, they did not work with the increase of products like peanut butter.

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To carry out the studies the group of researchers it also considered aspects in the lifestyle of the participants, among which factors such as the regularity with which they carry out physical activity, alcohol consumption and changes in diet.

You probably wonder how walnuts work to stimulate weight loss, this is mainly due to walnuts texture since chewing them requires a more effort. That is why its consumption is related to increased satiety and in general it leaves us less energy to eat other things. It also intervenes positively its high fiber content, which favors digestion, accelerates intestinal transit and the metabolism. The truth is that the fiber contained in walnuts acts directly on the villi of the intestine, it adheres to them and this process makes the calories more easily assimilated. Walnuts are a extraordinary source of unsaturated fats, which are related to positive effects for increase energy expenditure at rest And this is a key factor to avoid weight gain.

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Now you know integrate walnut consumption as part of a healthy lifestyleis not only associated with great benefits at a healthy body weight. They are also a great ally to enhance the functioning of the entire organism, they are a food with a great medicinal power than improves cardiovascular health, helps regulate cholesterol and blood sugar, prevents diabetes and the premature aging.

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