Why won’t Kenya Os go to Lele Pons’s wedding?

Why won't Kenya Os go to Lele Pons's wedding?

Kenya Os is one of the Latin artists invited to the wedding of Lele Pons and Guaynaa. She, however, will not attend, and through the networks she explained the reasons.

The Mexican singer and influencer indicated without mincing words that the reason for the great absence of the wedding has to do with her confrontation with Kimberly Loaiza, who is also invited and is even one of the bridesmaids.

Kenya Os and Kimberly Loaiza used to have a great relationship, they even worked together, but things did not end well when in 2018 Kenya decided not to renew the employment contract (since she considered that the conditions were not fair and were even abusive). Since then, there has been not only resignation but also videos by Kimberly and her partner Juan De Dios Pantoja accusing Os, and the artist’s YouTube channel ended up being closed.

In this context, the singer assured that she prefers not to attend the wedding since she does not want to overshadow the emotional moment with this specific rivalry that she has with her ex-friend. Despite this, Kenya told you that she will participate in the bachelorette party.

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