Why won’t you see Tim Cook’s house on Maps anymore?

Tim Cook

If by chance you happened to go and search for Tim Cook’s house in Palo Alto on Apple Maps and Google Maps, you would see nothing but a mush of pixels. Our colleagues from Cult of Mac have in fact noticed almost by chance that a digital wall has just been erected in front of the leader’s residence.

Apple has not commented on this change, but it may well be related to the harassment case we were discussing on Wednesday. A 45-year-old American will have to answer for these facts in court next March. He is accused of having sent nearly 200 e-mails to the CEO, accompanied by photos of threatening weapons.

A removal order has been issued against the persecutor of Tim Cook

The accused even went so far as to go to the porch of Tim Cook’s home in Palo Alto. The place being very secure, she was quickly intercepted by security teams. Pending the judgment, the American from Virginia has been issued a removal measure, she is prohibited from approaching Tim Cook but also any other Apple employee.

Apple did not wish to respond to our colleagues and we will not know more about the exact reasons for this digital interference. Note that this is in no way a privilege and that you can also ask the Cupertino company to hide your house, your face, or the license plate of your vehicle on Apple Maps by going to to the following address. A similar approach also exists for Google Maps.

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