Business Digital Marketing Why work with a professional photographer?

Why work with a professional photographer?


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Whether it is to nourish your corporate communication or to immortalize a moment of life, it is important to hire a professional photographer.

The professional photographer will provide you with beautiful, vibrant photos, which showcase you and tell your story accurately. For professionals, these photographs will be one of the pillars of your brand image: the quality must be there. For individuals, taking professional photos is the guarantee of never getting tired of admiring them year after year.

Enjoy vivid photos with a professional photographer

The professional photographer has a creative eye that amateurs will not always have, despite the presence of a certain talent. Whether it’s wedding photos or the visual communication of a company, a professional will know how to capture the moments in the moment to make them more alive, like a photo report.

He will play with natural light or lighting, the framing, the angle of view or the background to offer photographs that speak for themselves, that transmit emotion. The photographer will thus sublimate the moments of life whether family or business..

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Each professional has a unique photographic style that can also be communicative. It is therefore up to you to explore the portfolios of your providers to find out which one you like the most or which best suits your needs.

For example, Tristan PERRIER, wedding photographer in Bordeaux, offers a “Fine Art” style with bright, natural and soft tones. Also a corporate photographer, he also uses his artistic vision of photography to create a very particular visual identity.

professional fine art photographer

Tell your story

Professional quality photos benefit from tell your story with authenticity. This is especially true for individuals looking to immortalize their family life. But this is also the case for companies that want to stand out.

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For the former, behind the process lies the desire to pass on a legacy and memories to his children and grandchildren. From the engagement session to the birth photo via wedding photography, these photos must therefore be timeless and of high quality.

For the latter, it is more a question of communicating with customers, prospects, but also employees, through visual storytelling that can be applied to various communication media (brochures, website, sales brochures, etc.). A professional photographer will know how to highlight your products, but also the people to communicate the right image.

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To be to his advantage

An advertising photographer can also take corporate portraits, whether for a corporate clipboard, a LinkedIn profile photo or a CV photo. A professional photographer will know capture your personality and / or those of your employees on posed photos.

During the photo shoot in the studio or on your premises, your pro photographer will put you at ease. The photoshoot then takes place in a good mood, allowing you to be yourself.

If you are self-employed or looking for a job, taking professional portraits is important for your personal branding, because they must convey your image with sincerity and professionalism.

Calling on a professional photographer means having quality photos

A professional photographer is equipped with photo equipment that an amateur cannot afford: the final quality of the photos depending. It must be able to provide you with high definition shots.

Some, like our photographer in Bordeaux, Tristan Perrier, also still use a film camera to offer their clients a unique approach. What is rarely found among amateurs.

Likewise, a professional will be able to use image processing sparingly to perform light or contrast retouching, without altering the photo.

Enjoy unique and free to use images

Any photographer, even an amateur, has:

  • of moral rights : right to authorship of the work, right of disclosure of the work and right to modify or stop the dissemination of the work;
  • of inheritance rights : financial rights of reproduction and representation.
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These rights help protect your work from unauthorized usurpation, use or alteration.

You could use free or paid image banks for your visuals. You then benefit from an image for commercial use. They are without modification constraint and often without the need to attribute the photo to its author.

However, hiring a professional photographer is the guarantee of having unique photos that you will not find everywhere on the internet. This is the opportunity to truly differentiate yourself from the competition.

Note that a professional photographer can also assign his copyright to you:

  • for commercial use, that is to say in an advertising context: on social networks, website, etc.);
  • or non-commercial, that is to say in the private context: photo album, slide show, print, etc;
  • on paper and / or digital medium;
  • with or without authorization to modify the image, according to the provisions of the signed contract.

Some photographers still ask for a photo credit, that is to say, an attribution of the authorship of their work on your communication medium. All of these terms are to do with your provider.

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