Will Apple adopt hybrid OLED technology on iPads?

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For a while now, the rumor of the arrival of OLED technology on iPad has been present. Things do seem to be getting clearer if we are to believe the information from the South Korean media. The Electric. This could be done through a hybrid model that would combine rigid and flexible OLED panels.

Good or bad news for customers?

Concretely, Apple would hesitate between this device and the so-called flexible OLED that it already uses on its iPhones. But these panels could be damaged according to the sources of our colleagues. Therefore, the Cupertino company would not take this risk for a larger screen.

Be that as it may, we would still be very far from a commercialization, since the latter would not intervene before 2024. The competitors are not left out, and always according to The Electric, Samsung and LG are working on glass materials measuring only 0.2 mm thick against 0.5 mm currently. Enough to make this technology even more attractive for future devices.

Caution must also be exercised, and the reflection still seems to be in full swing on the side of the Apple brand. Thus, the Tech giant could still opt exclusively for flexible OLEDs for its iPads, if certain defects observed in the past are resolved. However, and at the time of writing these lines, flexible panels would be preferred by Apple.

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Anyway, the arrival of OLED technology on iPad could hide bad news for consumers. As we told you recently, production could indeed cost the apple brand a little more and this could ultimately be passed on to the bill. Again, you should be careful with this information and you will have to wait a while before you can verify it.

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