Will Apple Glass be able to unlock iPhones faster than Face ID?

Apple Glass

The connected glasses project is an old fantasy in the world of new technologies. A few years ago, Google presented to the world its “Google Glass” project, a revolutionary product that ultimately never saw the light of day. Then, in a less revolutionary version, Snapchat had offered the “Spectacles” without the latter never finding their audience.

But for years now, rumors, patents and other little phrases suggest that Apple is also working on a connected glasses project, the “Apple Glass” as they have since been called by the leakers.

But if this project is in no way official, like most Apple projects, a lot of information is circulating around the famous Apple glasses.

Apple Glass to replace Face ID?

The latest explains that Apple Glass could automatically unlock an iPhone. A patent has indeed developed the idea that a person wearing Apple Glass can unlock all Apple products that they also own. This system is already used for people who have a Mac and an Apple Watch, it is possible to open their computer directly from their watch.

Apple’s patent first appeared in 2018, a sign that Apple has long been interested in this new technology. But ultimately, it was only granted paternity for this invention in recent months.

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Lock, semi-unlock, and unlock?

Apple explains that the Apple Glass could serve as an authentication tool, the glasses would be able to identify when the user wants to use a device, they could then recognize it in the list of paired devices, and give the information of the device. ‘authentication to the latter so that it goes into “unlock” mode.

Apple also explains in its patent that wearing Apple Glass could give intermediate access to the iPhone, for example opening the control center, using Siri or seeing notifications, without the phone being fully unlocked, which would remain the job of Face ID. The Apple brand is thinking of reusing the features that are now accessible when the device is locked, in order to set them up in an intermediate mode where the device would be “semi-unlocked”.

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