Will Instagram Stop Copying TikTok? (News Feed, Algorithm, etc…)

In recent days, Instagram has been making headlines on digital media because of the latest updates announced by its manager, Adam Mosseri, which are sowing discord on social networks. While it was in full deployment on user accounts, Instagram returned to it, because of the many negative feedback and even petitions launched against this update. Here is everything you need to know about this important event in the life of Instagram.

The controversial elements

What are the features that are controversial among Instagram users?

Features (too) inspired by TikTok?

The main controversial function is the full screen newsfeed. Difficult to do more inspired by TikTok currently. Of course, despite this full-screen side, we would have continued to find “classic” photos there, but we understand that the goal is to push video content to the maximum.

Indeed, among its features there is one that Instagram wants continue to develop to compete with TikTok: Reels. No matter how you pronounce it (English or French), Reels are short video content, like what can be found on TikTok. To go even further into “inspiration”, Instagram will provide tools for creating original videos: video editing, remix, dual camera or even video templates.

Another element which is at the heart of the controversy concerns the modification of the algorithm which takes care of the appearance of posts and Reels. Instagram indeed wants recommendations take up more space In this one. It means that users will see (even) less of the content of their loved ones, in favor of “recommended” contentwhich correspond to their centers of interest.

Negative feedback from users and influencers

When this update was announced on Adam Mosseri’s Twitter account in April, we already knew more or less what to expect. With the deployment of the update which has begun, the general public has discovered this new version concretely. The least we can say is that feedback is generally negative. Users are disappointed that Instagram looks more and more like TikTok.

We have even seen users start petitions. @illumitati, for example, published this post (see below) asking for Instagram to take a step back: “ Bring Instagram back to Instagram“. This of course implies a back to basics of instagramconfirmed by the inscription just below: Stop trying to be TikTok, I just want to see cute pics of my friends“. Something that would be less and less easy with the update of the algorithm in particular. This post has exceeded 2 million likes.

The petition post for Instagram to stop copying TikTok
The petition post for Instagram to stop copying TikTok

We even saw reactions from very influential celebrities like Kylie Jenner, who is none other than the most followed woman on the platform (362 million subscribers). She has in particular shared in Story the visual that asked for a rollback from Instagram. Same thing on the side of Kim Kardashian, to name a few.

How is Instagram reacting to these returns?

Suspension of announced features (fullscreen newsfeed)

The post and petition asking Instagram to stop copying TikTok dated July 23, while Kylie Jenner’s Story sharing dated July 26. As of July 28, Instagram announced the suspension of the rollout of its new update.

Indeed, in the Platformer media, Adam Mosseri, the boss of Instagram, explained that they “needed take a step back and that they were going to consider ” come back with a new formula“.

Nevertheless, there is nothing definitive for the moment. Mosseri clearly explained that this suspension was not permanent and that they were above all seeking to construct a more qualitative compromise. Temporization or real consideration of user feedback? Only time can tell us. Indeed, all of this seems almost inevitable given Meta’s determination to prevent the exponential development of TikTok on the market.

Either way, Instagram’s management was able to realize the risks they would run in the event of poor development.

Will Instagram return to a more “personal” algorithm?

This is a problem that often comes back to the minds of users of this network. Between the content recommended by the algorithm and the advertising content, publications created by their relatives often take a back seat. This is an observation that has gradually grown over the years. We almost reached a point of no return at this level with all this controversy, but will Instagram really go back to an algorithm that is more personal and centered on the circle of friends?

The answer is probably no. If we take up the words of Adam Mosseri in Platformer, “public” content can allow users to create a link between them. Still according to him, these content that creates a “discovery” lead to exchanges between them, like sharing a funny video for example. He supports this by explaining that the personal photo sharing goes through private messages and Stories instead (and therefore less by publications).

Everyone will make their own opinion on the point of view adopted by the boss of Instagram according to their use of the platform.

Why can this event serve as an example?

In fact, all this leads us to a more general reflection: is it really relevant to copy a competitor to prevent its expansion in the market?

We are not here to provide a binary answer to this question, but more to propose elements of answers in relation to the facts that we have in front of us.

If we go back a few years, it’s a strategy that has already worked for Instagram. When they put Stories at the top of their news feed, it’s a direct response to the success of Snapchat. The result was ultimately very good and today Instagram Stories have largely surpassed Snapchat Stories.

Today, a priori, it works less well. Twitter tried to take a share of the Stories market from Instagram in 2021 with the Fleets, which caused a very large failure. However, the network with the blue bird, very focused on the snapshot, had everything to succeed with this feature.

One can therefore wonder if it is an interesting method of copying the competition to conform to trends. The other option would be to keep its “atypical” side to precisely offer a unique experience, which differs from other networks. Difficult to answer this question. Do not hesitate to share your opinion on this subject in the comments below or on our social networks.

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