Will the Apple Glass be accompanied by magnetic gloves?

gants magnétiques apple glass

We have known for a long time now the efforts undertaken by the Apple in the development of “Apple Glass”, a perilous enterprise which has never yet succeeded in proving its worth in the world of new technologies despite the keen interest aroused by connected glasses projects.

According to a patent granted to Apple on Tuesday by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the apple brand could use smart gloves to interact with the system, using magnetic fields to determine where a user’s fingers are.

The first accessory for Apple Glass

This glove system would respond to a fairly well-known problem today in the world of virtual reality. Indeed, VR headsets need to be used with portable controllers, so that the system can build a 3D virtual environment.
The limit of this functionality which has been proven over time is that it only takes into account a rough position of the hands, it is impossible to know where the fingers are positioned.

With a pair of magnetic gloves, Apple could solve this problem and come up with an aesthetically more successful solution.

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Compulsory controllers?

In addition, portable controllers may not allow users to grab other objects, which may be necessary in some future applications of Apple Glass, the latter are indeed not developed by Apple with the idea of ​​becoming supports virtual reality (where the environment would be 100% created artificially), but augmented reality (virtual elements would be added to the “real” world). The Cupertino company must therefore find the best solution to use its controllers, in this sense magnetic gloves would be the most elegant option, although these can slow down many customers to purchase.

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If Apple Glass is to be used with controllers, it makes its use less natural and the general public may shy away from this Apple product. It is currently impossible to know if the gloves will be a mandatory accessory for Apple’s connected glasses, the latter could very well be used without, but with a certain loss of quality in the user experience which would be less precise, but more natural.

Will the Apple Glass be accompanied by magnetic gloves?

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