will the Apple tablet really have the right to the M1 chip?

iPad Pro M1

This evening Apple gave an appointment to its public for the first conference of the year. “Peek Performance” should therefore allow Tim Cook’s teams to present new products, including an iPhone SE that makes a lot of noise. In addition to the entry-level phone from Apple, the Apple brand could market a new tablet.

An attractive iPad Air on paper

This iPad Air would have very attractive characteristics according to rumors, the latter believe that the tablet from the Cupertino company will be entitled to an Apple Silicon M1 processor. Although it is impossible to be 100% sure that Apple will present this tablet tonight, many brand experts have announced that the product will be released.

According to many sources quoted in an article by 9to5mac “the iPad Air 5” should receive the M1 chip, a real revolution for this range of tablets which has always worked with A-series chips since its inception. The iPad Air was designed by Apple as a lightweight product, as its name suggests, that is easy to carry around.

This finesse has always made the model less efficient than its big brother the iPad Pro, but this could therefore change with the arrival of the M1 chip.

The M1 chip: Apple’s revolution

As a reminder, the M1 chip arrived at Apple in November 2020 during a special conference of the apple brand dedicated to its Macs. The Cupertino company then presented this revolutionary chip, present in three new computers, the MacBook Pro, Air and Mac mini of 2020.

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Today the iMac and the iPad Pro have joined the list of products equipped with an M1 chip. Note that a new generation of MacBook Air is also expected for this evening as well as a “Mac Studio” a hybrid between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro. The latter has still not been updated to Apple Silicon, and Apple could take advantage of the release of the Mac Studio to converge the two models (Mac mini and Mac Pro) into a single, completely new kind of computer.

Apple iPad Air 4

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