Will the iPhone 13 use a steam chamber for cooling?


In 2020, Apple has gone all out by presenting the iPhone 12 and its variants. In addition to being the first 5G smartphones from the Cupertino company, they are also its first devices using a processor engraved in 5 nm. This new process improves performance as well as energy efficiency.

For the moment, we have no official data concerning the sales of the iPhone 12. But everything seems to suggest that they are selling very well.

The steam chamber, a technology that would interest Apple

And currently, many rumors are already circulating about the next innovations that Apple could bring with the iPhone 13, which will not be released until the second half of the year.

Among these rumors, there is one which indicates that Apple could well use a cooling system with a vapor chamber on its next devices.

Currently, this is a mechanism that is already used by several gaming smartphones. And in 2020, Samsung used this mechanism on a device that was not specifically designed for video games.

Tests in progress?

In an article published this week, the Apple Insider site relays a note allegedly written by analyst Ming Chi Kuo. And according to this article, Apple is currently testing the steam chambers to use this technology on the iPhone 13. However, it is not certain, at this stage, that it is ready on time.

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Moreover, Apple has been studying this smartphone cooling technology for a while. However, it would not have met the standards of the Cupertino company.

“The main reason why the iPhone does not adopt the VC (editor’s note) is that the results of its reliability tests cannot meet Apple’s high requirements”, Kuo reportedly said, according to Apple Insider. “Nonetheless, we are optimistic about the timeline for improving the reliability of the VC and expect that at least high-end iPhone models will be equipped with VC in the near future. “

At the moment, this information is not official. And therefore, these are still to be considered with caution. But in any case, if Apple decides to use a steam chamber on the iPhone 13, this model could be very popular with mobile gamers.

Indeed, a good cooling system improves performance on games, as well as the user experience. This cooling could also improve the experience of non-gamer users, at a time when the use of 5G and more advanced processors can increase the risk of overheating.

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