Will the iPhone of 2021 be the iPhone 13?


Like the iPhone 9 which never saw the light of day, the superstitions of the apple brand could reappear when the next model of the Apple should, logically, be the iPhone 13.

No need to recall the negative connotations of this number, especially in our Western world where it is often equated with bad luck. This could be enough for Apple to decide not to release “iPhone 13 ″, but rather an“ iPhone 12s ”as the leaker Jon Prosser mentioned this Wednesday in his last YouTube video.

Triskaïdékaphobie (fear of 13) could therefore bring back the “s” models on the front of the stage for Apple, which has no longer produced an “s” iPhone since the Xs model. It is quite difficult to predict when Apple decides to name its products with an “s” version, therefore relating to the previous model, or a real new model, with a new number.

Why “s” models

Originally at Apple, the “s” models were slightly improved versions of the original iPhones. The biggest change was often a new processor, but the innovations were limited to that. According to Prosser, this thought pattern fully justifies the name “iPhone 12s” for the next Apple model.

Indeed, the phone should not bring a revolution to Apple products, and even more, the model of the Cupertino company should arrive in a chassis identical, or very similar, to that of the iPhone 12.

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“The iPhone 12s” could thus be an improvement of the iPhone 12, incorporating some new features. Because according to Prosser, the latter are not numerous enough so that the name “iPhone 13 ″ does not impose itself on the side of Apple. Even if the arrival of a Touch ID under the screen could be a great evolution for the Apple.

No iPhone 2,9 and 13?

In the same way that the iPhone 2 and 9 never saw the light of day, the iPhone 13 could, in its own way, join the very closed circle of Apple models that will ultimately never be released. If superstitions have always been important for Apple, we must also remember that the number “4” is very frowned upon in several Asian countries, especially in Japan, but that the apple brand had released an iPhone 4 without asking lots of questions at the time.

The same reasoning could then be kept in the coming months, and Tim Cook could very well present an iPhone 13 in the fall.

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