Will the M1X chip be the future of Apple Silicon?

Processeur M1 Apple

The CPU Monkey site was the first to announce the specifics of the new chip that Apple intends to use for its computers in the future. If the success of the M1 chip paved the way for Apple Silicon chips in Apple computers, information about these famous chips is very scarce and must be taken with great care.

While many analysts close to the Cupertino company agree that a new processor should arrive in the coming months on the Apple side, within why not, a new version of a MacBook Pro. none had yet risked announcing a name or specificities, and yet this is what the CPU Monkey site has just done.

12 cores and a GPU twice as powerful

The latter announces an “M1X” chip as the future of Apple processors. It would be composed of 12 cores (against 8 currently), cleaned up of only 16 courses which will be made available to the GPU, against 8 cores again for the M1 chip.

While this information may very well be accurate, it is very hard to believe that the CPU Monkey site had access to a “pre-sample” of this new chip and so this information should be taken for predictions rather than reliable results. Apple may very well surprise us in the coming months and make this “benchmark” completely obsolete.

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Despite everything, the announcements made by the site are very consistent with Apple’s policy, and no “exotic” announcement comes as a surprise at first glance. It is indeed a 3.2 GHz chip based on 5 nm technology that Apple masters. On this point it would be very close to the M1 chip, which could explain its name, “M1X”, rather than “M2”, a name that could be kept for a processor bringing deeper changes, such as the use of technology. 4nm in the future.

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