will the screens be bigger?

iPhone 14 Pro Max concept

We are gradually approaching the release of the new iPhone 14 models. Logically, and if Apple continues the tradition, these should be launched shortly after the start of the school year in September, following a presentation keynote.

A difference very little perceptible for the general public?

Recently, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that these new smartphones will take better selfies thanks to the integration of autofocus for FaceTime this year. He suggests that the shots would be of better quality even in low light situations.

It is now the turn of another well-known Apple expert to go with his prediction. Ross Young has indeed just published a tweet where he estimates that the new screens of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be wider by a few hundredths of a millimeter compared to the current model.

Concretely, the iPhone 14 Pro would therefore be 6.12 inches against 6.06 for the iPhone 13 Pro. Similarly the iPhone 14 Pro Max would go from 6.68 inches to 6.69 inches. At these levels of difference, it seems in any case very unlikely that this will be perceptible to users.

Anyway, this information confirms that things are indeed moving at Apple and that the models will soon enter the mass production phase, if it has not already started. Moreover, the screens of the iPhone 14 have already leaked on the Chinese social network Weibo, as we indicated to you in a previous article.

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For your part, are you interested in this new range of iPhone 14 or is your current model suitable for you? Tell us in the comments.

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