Will we soon see an Apple Watch with satellite connectivity?

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She’s a real Arlesian on the side of Apple. The Cupertino company is reportedly working hard to install satellite connectivity on some of its devices. We talked for a long time about this feature on the iPhone 13 but in the end, it was not the case. Since then, we haven’t had too much news, but things seem to be getting clearer.

The iPhone 14 could also benefit from satellite connectivity

And it is the well-known and often well-informed insider on the apple brand, Mark Gurman, who talks about it in his latest Power On newsletter on Bloomberg. According to him, Apple is preparing to introduce satellite connectivity on certain models of Apple Watch. He’s not jumping too far on a release date and it could be this year or 2023.

One of the main advantages of this technology is that it makes it possible to send messages to the emergency services or to other contacts, even without access to the telephone network. To carry out this major project, Apple would have entered into a contract with the company Globalstar Inc.

Recently this company announced that it had reached an agreement for the launch of 17 new satellites which will supply continuous satellite services for a potential customer which has already paid it hundreds of millions of dollars. However, if we are to believe this latest information, the latter would be none other than Apple.

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Note that the Apple Watch may not be the only device equipped with this feature, and in the event of a release in 2022, there is talk of the possibility of seeing the next iPhone 14 benefit from this satellite connectivity. As always, it is advisable to be careful with this type of rumor but we should in any case soon find out more.

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