Wind of anger among some Apple Store employees


In a company that has nearly 150,000 employees like Apple, life is not always a smooth river and it therefore logically happens that employees dissatisfied with their working conditions make themselves heard.

9to5mac has received complaints from Brazilian employees of Apple Stores in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. According to them, the company would not have taken enough account of the health situation by leaving the stores open, and this even though the number of cases of Covid-19 soared on the spot.

Some employees fear to mention that they are positive for Covid

According to our colleagues, Apple generally closes a store when 10% of staff have tested positive, but an Apple Store manager, who prefers to remain anonymous, claims that this rate reaches 25% in one of these Apple Stores.

Other complaints concern the lowering of the level of control measures to prevent the spread of the virus. The management would have encouraged its employees not to party too much or have social contacts for the end of the year celebrations. Therefore, some employees are afraid to mention the fact that they are positive for fear of dismissal.

Finally, complaints also concern remuneration. Employees, who believe they have worked more since the start of the pandemic by taking on the role of absent colleagues, have not seen their wages increase sufficiently.

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For its part, Apple claims to constantly monitor changes in the health situation in order to ensure the safety of its customers and employees.

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