wish your loved ones a happy new year 2021 in no time

raccourci clavier pour bonne année 2021

The new year will begin tonight. From midnight and for several days to come, it will be fashionable to send your best wishes to your loved ones and / or your colleagues. You are also going to have to respond to messages of wishes for success and good health for several days or even weeks in the future. So to make your job easier, but also and above all to help you discover or rediscover a very practical iOS function, here’s how to write a whole text of thanks or wishes for the New Year in less than 4 letters. It’s actually about creating a text shortcut.

ba21 = very happy new year 2021

You have to go to the Settings of the iPhone or iPad, then in General> Keyboard> Replacement.

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IOS keyboard shortcut tip

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Then, you have to add a replacement (a shortcut in reality) with the “+” button.

In “Expression”, write the greeting phrase (s), for example: “I wish you the best for this New Year”. Then, in “Shortcut”, enter what will serve as the trigger for the expression entered previously, for example: “ba21”. Once all this is done, end up doing “Save”.

Happy new year 2021 text shortcut

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Now, no matter where you are on the iPhone or iPad, in any app where text can be inserted, simply writing “ba21” will see iOS offer text replacement, and not just any one, the one you initially defined in “Expression”, or here: “I wish you the best for this new year”.

Happy new year 2021

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Please note, for text shortcuts to work in iOS, care must be taken in General> Keyboard, activate the “Prediction” option.

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With this trick, you can compose greeting messages quickly right after the transition to the New Year, perhaps personalizing each of them a bit according to the recipient. This text shortcut can also be used in emails written on the iPhone or iPad throughout the month of January.

Otherwise, take advantage of this tip to create other useful shortcuts, for example, “my @” which can be replaced by an email address that you often use on your iPhone or iPad, to subscribe to services for example, or “Cdmt” to sign an email with a full signature including links to your social networks, etc. We also saw here how to take advantage of the shortcut function to embed Apple “” apples in text on iOS.

wish your loved ones a happy new year 2021 in no time

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