Wistron is doing “everything possible” to relaunch its activity within the rules


While the Taiwanese subcontractor Wistron has been controversial in recent weeks, especially following a major incident that occurred in one of its factories in India, the latter told Reuters this week that he was working “hard” to improve the standards and working conditions of its employees, and thereby resolve the problems that caused the incident last December.

The incident was caused by a large part of the 2,000 employees of the plant, which specializes in the manufacture of parts for the iPhone SE in particular, the latter were no longer paid, or partially, for nearly four months, a situation which had already been peacefully denounced internally, but which had not moved the leaders of the time, since dismissed.

Apple keeps its contract on stand-by

For its part, Apple, the plant’s main customer, said in a statement: “Over the past eight weeks, teams from Apple, as well as independent auditors, have worked with Wistron to ensure the necessary systems and processes are in place at their Narasapura plant.” The resumption of activity should therefore not delay for the company, which could return to the front of Apple’s supply chain.

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The Cupertino company having excluded Wistron from the latter during the investigation. In the incident, the company would have lost several million dollars, caused by the damage done to the company, a figure which would be almost ridiculous in the face of the sudden net loss since the termination of the contract with Apple.

According to several Indian government sources, The Parisian announces that the plant located in the suburb of Bangalore in the far south of the country could resume partial activity at the beginning of next week.

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