With a tender photograph, Fernanda Castillo boasts how big her son Líam is

Con tierna fotografía, Fernanda Castillo presume lo grande que está su hijo Líam

Fernanda Castillo.

Photo: Angel Daniel Delgado Cortes / Reform Agency

Fernanda Castillo He surprises with a tender photograph published on his social networks, with which he boasted how much his son has grown.

After publishing an image in which she appeared breastfeeding her son and with which she revealed some benefits that breastfeeding has brought to her life, the 38-year-old actress once again shared with her audience how she lives this beautiful stage.

In better spirits, and in full recovery, the ‘Monarca’ star published a new postcard this Monday, February 8, with which he touched social networks. Although he only showed the baby’s feet, this time he took the opportunity to make a moving promise of love:

I’ll watch your steps so that one day you can fly, Líam“, wrote Castle next to the snapshot that in a few hours exceeded 150 thousand red hearts and hundreds of messages with expressions of affection and congratulations.

After suffering postpartum complications and staying in the hospital for several days due to a hemorrhage and two heart attacks, the actress also used her official Instagram account to remember the character who has obtained the most recognition throughout her career and who has been become one of the most loved by the public, Mónica Robles.

Along with the publication in which you can see some photographs of the star of ‘The Lord of the Skies’, he fondly remembered the woman who taught to fight and believe in her.


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