With iOS 16 you will never have two identical photos again

iOS 16 ecran verrouillage

Announcements are always numerous during WWDC and Apple proved it again last night during its opening conference this week dedicated to developers. The Cupertino company has chained announcements, especially on iOS 16, the most anticipated part concerning the iPhone operating system.

Among the major new features, we can talk about the “Edit” function in “iMessage” which will allow you to modify a message sent if it contains a fault or other that you would like to correct. Apple also announced the arrival of a new lock screen. The latter will be even more customizable, and the notifications will look very different.

Features yet to be discovered

But in addition to the announcements made by Apple during this keynote, the Apple brand still has some surprises in store for us. Everything can’t be said in 1h50, so it’s up to us to find the small features that Apple hasn’t gotten its hands on but which are present in the beta version of iOS 16 already available for Apple developers.

This is particularly the case for this feature which is making its debut in the “Photos” application. It should automatically group together duplicate photos. This will normally allow users to save a lot of storage space and avoid them having to do this sorting manually as was the case until now.

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A native solution expected by users

Indeed, these photos will be placed in a special album within the “Photos” application, the latter named “Duplicate” groups together the photos recognized by Apple’s artificial intelligence as duplicates. It is then possible to delete them, Apple specifies that the software will always keep the best quality photo among two duplicates.

If one of the two photos is favorited, the software then decides to keep the one that has been selected by the user as his “favorite”. Until now, this functionality was possible via third-party applications, so Apple is providing a native solution to this tedious task and will greatly facilitate the life of selfie lovers and other photo shooters with their iPhone.

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