With roses and a special meal, Yadhira Carrillo celebrated Valentine’s Day with Juna Collado in prison

Con rosas y una comida especial, Yadhira Carrillo celebró San Valentín con Juna Collado en prisión

Yadhira Carrillo and Juan Collado.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

Yadhira Carrillo trust the innocence of Juan Collado, who has been in prison since July 2019 and who he visited like every week in the North prison in Mexico City, however, this weekend was special, since he attended with the intention of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

On this occasion, the actress arrived at the prison with a huge bouquet of red roses, with which she surprised her husband and explained to the media why she decided to bring this detail.

I think it is very important that an environment where you are have a little flower and that there is light where you are, that you feel very good, even if you live in a small room, but have a little flower“, He commented before the camera of the program ‘Sale el Sol’.

But this was not all, since she also spoiled her husband with a dish prepared by herself:

I made him his favorite food, food from his land: Spanish fabada; I bring you your serrano ham croquettes. Last night we were cooking some snook meatballs in a sauce that he likes a lot. He likes home cooking, Juan is very simple. Whenever I come I cook for him, we always cook at home for him“He added.

Taking advantage of the emotional celebration of the day of love, he recalled how the lawyer managed to win his heart: “It took a lot of work, how good it should be. It was like six months, I was recording a soap opera and I told him ‘I can’t go out because I’m recording’ and he told me ‘Let’s have breakfast’. And already, after a few months, we went out to dinner and it was very nice“, She narrated excitedly.

Before retiring, the television star assured that she was completely sure of her husband’s innocence, so she prefers to avoid the information and alleged evidence in which she is unfairly accused.

We do know they exist, but we don’t see it. You should not see all those things that can hurt you, you should not see it. For example, I don’t see, I don’t read. They have commented to me and I ask: ‘No, do not tell me because I am not interested or what they said’, but also in life everything comes back and you get double, triple, seven times more with your children and with the people you love the most . We must always be very careful with what we say and when we point, especially when it is not true“, he pointed.


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