Without a SIM card, the iPhone 15 Pro may surprise you

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Yes, you read that correctly: according to a new rumor which has just reached us, an iPhone planned for 2023 would say goodbye for the first time to the physical SIM card port. It would be a “Pro” version of the device, in other words one of the most expensive. The information comes from the Portuguese-speaking site IPhone Blog, whose history however remains rather thin and therefore to be considered with caution.

Apple having already abandoned the headphone jack a few years upstream, such a change would nonetheless be credible. Especially since the firm has also chosen to no longer provide a charger in the box of its mobiles and watches several months ago. Others even assure that the Lightning socket could disappear, in favor of all wireless, to the nose and beard of Europe which wants to impose the USB-C standard.


Above all, stopping the use of physical SIM cards on iPhone should save space for the iPhone. Other components, such as the battery or the motherboard, could then take advantage of it so as to offer, for example, a longer autonomy or increased performance. We saw it with the Apple silicon program on Mac: the M1 Max chip is thus almost four times the size of the M1 of 2020.

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Other benefit; that of practicality. It must be said, the SIM card slot has never been very ergonomic, even less since miniaturization efforts have made it more and more compact. What is more is enough to to lose the tool provided by the manufacturer to open it to quickly find yourself in a duel with a paperclip when leaving the airport, in order to change the package: no thank you.

When it is not the SIM card itself that we no longer find …

ESIM to help

Rest assured, even with the end of physical SIM cards on iPhone it will still be possible to communicate. Indeed, most operators now offer their package in eSIM format, in short the virtual equivalent of a SIM card. Only downside: this is often optional, sometimes paying : we are still far from a possible democratization.

All iPhone 13 already support up to two eSIM cards.

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