“Without Adamari López, the program is not the same,” says the audience of Un Nuevo Día

Adamari López apareció en Telemundo con un vestido verde y los fans están desatados 

Some fans asked for the departure of Adamari López and the Puerto Rican has not appeared on the program for two days …

After the dismissal of Rashel Díaz It was said that more changes would come in A New Day, for this reason the absence of Adamari López has given much to talk about, since the host has not appeared on the morning show for two days, which for several months has suffered blow after blow after the dismissal of Héctor Sandarti.

Some fans requested, during the week, the exit of Adamari López and the Puerto Rican He has not appeared on the show for two days, however it is believed that his absence is due to the birthday celebration that she has prepared for Toni Costa, however, his constant morning outings have fans with a bad taste in their mouths, due to the constant rumors and layoffs around the Telemundo morning.

These are some comments that have been triggered on the Instagram of A New Day in the absence of Adamari López.

  • livingstonlina Who understands the insult they tell her how many atrocities, they want them to get her out of a new day, and now that if you are not the same as always that they will not see the program anymore that is called hypocrisy
  • estelaquinonez Without Adamaris the program is never the same.
  • cucho523 That they eliminate that program no longer works nor does I see it.
  • gracieladiazbernal And Adamari? It is the sun of the program ❤️❤️❤️
  • claudino.batista They removed Rachel and put that girl in, I think this girl has a godfather @ there inside the chain. And this looks like a meal without salt 👍🏻
  • 92elsa_ Bored we are all Juanitas out of Telemundo
  • estelaquinonez Without Adamaris, they don’t go anywhere Chiquibaby is fine but ”with Adamaris

This week, on the other hand, Vanessa Claudio joined the staff, As a guest host, it is said, to fill in the space that Rashel left, although many believe that the Puerto Rican could become part of the morning in the coming days, since she has experience in this type of project, since for years it was one of the stars of Venga La Alegría, Azteca Television program.

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