Without underwear, the transparencies of Chiquis Rivera’s outfit betray her and reveal more

Without underwear, the transparencies of Chiquis Rivera's outfit betray her and reveal more

Chiquis Rivera.

Chiquis Rivera.

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Chiquis Rivera She is one of the most hard-working figures in entertainment and is constantly struggling to advance her career in the artistic medium. The interpreter of “Animate y Verás” has more than 5 million followers on Instagram, which makes brands look for her to promote her products.

Being an influencer in the digital age, she has made Chiquis model clothes and recently she was seen wearing a sports outfit that was very tight on her figure. All her curves were outlined with her outfit but it seems that her lights made her show through her upper part and she showed more.

Chiquis’s breasts were exposed to her millions of fans, which caused the publication to explode with messages in support of the singer.

“You looked so hot friend,” wrote a fan. “What a beauty of a woman,” replied an admirer. “You are the owner of my little heart,” added a follower. “Baby what a great body!!! Happy birthday in advance, I love you,” another fan said. “Janneeeeeey you’re going to make me sick hahahaha I love you,” another fan wrote. “You are very pretty and very talented, what I do not understand! It is because you always have to expose your body in that way”, could also be read among the comments.

Chiquis Rivera recently spoke about the last months of her mother’s life Jenni Rivera and how both were estranged. During that time, Chiquis said she had thought of tempting against her own life.

“We were fine. Those months, which were June, July and August, we were very well. We would go to lunch together alone, we would do our nails; like we finally had that relationship of daughter and mother, ”said Chiquis in La Saga. “Then in September was when everything [cambió]; it was because of false gossip; those long tongues, what do I tell them. For people who, we were like this [muy unidas] and they wanted to see us apart.

Chiquis also said, “It was very difficult; I thought many times about taking my own life at that time, it was almost three months that we didn’t speak to each other“.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, you can call the National Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit suicidepreventionlifeline.org to speak with someone.

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