WordPress site redesign: the guide to renovating your site

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Redesigning a WordPress site is like an update: it’s a way to improve it visually and technically

These ad hoc adjustments are essential, because the Internet world is changing rapidly, and so are the expectations of Internet users. This is true for all sites, large and small.

A redesign every now and then is inevitable – on average every three years, more often if the need arises. Its management by a professional is recommended. But what exactly is a WordPress site redesign? What do you need to know before starting?

What does a WordPress site redesign mean?

Haven’t touched your WordPress website since its creation? Haven’t made any improvements, no changes, no additions? So don’t be surprised if you are losing search engine traffic or positions. Because a site, like a house, must be renovated at regular intervals.

A WordPress site redesign is a visual, technical and functional improvement. Such a project goes well beyond a simple makeover: it involves an in-depth review of the structure and operation of the site to adapt it to the requirements of Internet users and search engines. The world is changing and your WordPress site must change with it.

The renovation of a website, including when it was created under a CMS like WordPress, is a long-term project. First and foremost, you need to ask yourself the “why” of this overhaul.

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Why renovate your WordPress site?

Redesign is an essential step in the lifecycle of a website. There are several reasons for wanting to renovate your site:

  • Adapt your WordPress site to changes in search engine algorithms so that it maintains its positions (or so that it wins).
  • Update its design to stay up-to-date and attract the attention of Internet users.
  • Improve its technical performance.
  • Review its structure and tree structure to improve the user experience.
  • Offer new features (customer area, blog, chatbot, etc.).
  • Stand out from competition.
  • Secure your website.
  • Achieve new objectives: increase in traffic volume or conversion rate, better SEO positioning, lower bounce rate, creation of a more efficient sales funnel, increase in multi-channel sales, etc.

A redesign of your WordPress site is also essential if you have created it using a free tool and you are aware of the limits of this solution. Indeed, only the basic functionalities are accessible, and paid plugins are almost an obligation to develop your website. To take full advantage of digital opportunities, a complete redevelopment of your site is essential.

Your website is the virtual showcase of your business: it must highlight your products / services and reflect your values ​​as much as your graphic charter. A redesign of your WordPress site guarantees a good match between your brand identity and your online storefront.

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Which WordPress sites are in need of an overhaul?

It’s simple: all websites have to switch to it at one point or another to remain successful. Even a simple showcase site needs updating. Imagine for a moment stumbling upon a site whose design has not changed since the end of the 90s: you would want to flee right away!

Of course, this need is more acute for “big” sites, for e-commerce platforms, for institutional sites, for sectors of activity where competition is fierce, and so on. This is also the case if your site is THE essential pillar of your marketing strategy and that it generates a significant turnover.

For the rest, your need for a WordPress site redesign depends a lot on the circumstances. But certain signs of “obsolescence” are not mistaken!

On average, you have to think about redesigning your WordPress site every three years. But you can also consider it at any time as soon as you see the signs that it is time to fundamentally renovate your website:

  • Your business has evolved (name change, addition of products / services, change of branding, new target audience, etc.).
  • Your design is outdated and Internet users are expecting something else.
  • The technology on which your website is based is outdated: pages load too slowly, you do not have access to certain features, you are limited in your development, etc.
  • Competition has increased in your sector and you need a boost in terms of digital visibility.
  • You see a drop in traffic or a drop in your positions in the search engines.
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Otherwise, there is a simple way to identify a need for an overhaul: if you are wondering, it is probably that the time has come!

Redesigning a WordPress site is a long-term job that requires knowing the CMS well and mastering the code.. Entrusting this task to an external service provider is the best way to renovate your website to achieve specific objectives in terms of attractiveness, visibility and performance.

A professional who takes charge of a WordPress site redesign project follows a series of well-identified steps:

  • Carrying out an audit,
  • analysis of technical brakes,
  • study of visitor behavior,
  • review of the existing SEO and content,
  • carrying out a study of the keywords and the semantic field according to the activity and the competition,
  • redesign of the website in a pre-production environment according to specifications validated upstream,
  • put into production.

In short, the redesign of your WordPress site is an essential step at different times of its existence.. This regular update should not be neglected: an obsolete site is less attractive, less technically efficient, and likely to lose positions on Google.

Don’t hesitate to request a quote for your WordPress site redesign project!

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