8 World hamburger day recipes

Día Mundial de la hamburguesa

We give you some recipes to prepare this delicious dish in a different and delicious way. Happy World Burger Day.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like hamburgers? Practically all of us succumb to this delicious dish, the origin of which is considered uncertain, although it is said that it was born in Hamburg and possibly was first made in the late 19th or early 20th centuries.

And in his honor, on May 28, World Burger Day is celebrated, one of the meals fast food par excellence and one of the most consumed worldwide.

Here are some delicious recipes so you can prepare them at home and give it a different touch.

What will be your favorite?

World hamburger day recipes

1. Chicken burger with saffron and vegetables.

This fast food classic is transformed into a true gourmet experience.

2. Beef burger, cheese, herbs and spinach.

A tasty variety of the traditional hamburger.

8 World hamburger day recipes

3. Vegetarian chickpea burger with roasted peppers.

The perfect option for those who prefer not to eat meat.

8 World hamburger day recipes

4. Salmon burger with herbs, tomato, and Greek yogurt.

Defy conventions with this hamburger recipe where salmon steals the limelight.

8 World hamburger day recipes

5. Pork burger, with caramelized onion and mozzarella.

Another variation of the traditional hamburger to delight everyone at home.

World hamburger day

6. Tartar burger.

Probably the most? Sui generis? of our hamburger recipes, but? Why not dare to experiment?

World hamburger day

7. Burger of turkey, arugula, and capers.

To give variety to the original burger.

World hamburger day

8. Russian-style burgers.

A delicious dish that is prepared with ground meat and a special sauce.

World hamburger day
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