Worries about CarPlay calls on iPhone 14 Pro? We explain to you

iPhone 14 Pro

If the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro is a real success for many, it is also the victim of a few incidents. In addition to the camera not working as expected, calls are the problem at the moment. More specifically, when a conversation starts while connected to CarPlay, Apple’s OS for vehicle dashboards smart.

Users report as well as their interlocutor can’t hear them at the correct volume, which was the case with the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Note that the iPhone 14 Pro Max also seem to be affected, regardless of the storage capacity chosen at purchase. We were able to consult multiple testimonials from various relatively reliable sources such as the official Apple forum or Twitter, which all confirm the existence of a similar bug.

A question of software?

A victim also pointed to theBasic iPhone 14, but the returns are less numerous as far as it is concerned. This could also be explained because it is the least expensive model and therefore potentially aimed at customers who do not have the same means for the automotive market. For the affected operating system version, this would beiOS 16.0.1 but also iOS 16.0, without a patch being available to date.

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There are already dozens of negative opinions on this subject, but it’s a safe bet that Cupertino is already working on it. We know that iOS 16.1 has been in testing for a few days, but only in beta for now. No patch is present there at first sight, but it could not have been detected yet or simply be in internal testing with arrival during a third beta.

Temporary solution

To solve the bug, some have simply chosen to transfer the sound from the car to a Bluetooth device external, which is effective. Until Apple reacts, you can therefore go through the hands-free kit (which is no longer provided in the iPhone) or a wireless speaker like those in our last AirPlay comparison. Count from a few tens to several hundred euros depending on the model.

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