WWDC could be the scene of a highly anticipated announcement

iMac Pro dos

According to analyst Ross Young, and contrary to what Ming-Chi Kuo says, a new iMac with mini-LED display could arrive by June.

Even if the source does not explicitly mention the type of product in question, there is really no room for doubt. Indeed, Ross Young talks about the release of an Apple product with a 27-inch screen with mini-LED technology.

The Californian firm has just unveiled its new screen StudioDisplay, 27″. It is therefore difficult to imagine the arrival of another 27″ screen by the summer. Even if Ross Young all the same evokes the idea of ​​a Studio Display “Pro”.

But in fact, the only Apple product with a 27″ screen that hasn’t been updated for a while is the iMac, and more specifically, the iMac Pro.

The iMac Pro was released in 2017, but it hasn’t been on sale since March 2021. The removal of the 27″ non-Pro iMac from the shelves is more recent, taking place just a few days ago.

The 24″ iMac with Apple silicon chip is therefore the only representative of Apple’s all-in-one computer range to date. While for a long time, there were at least two iMacs side by side to leave the choice to the buyer, especially in terms of screen size.

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We therefore imagine, on the basis of this prediction by Ross Young, Apple preparing a 27″ iMac or iMac Pro with mini-LED screen and Apple silicon chip. If it is a new Pro model, the machine could integrate the new M1 Ultra chip seen on Mac Studio.

The presentation of the beast should logically take place at WWDC in early June. Moreover, Apple should soon announce the dates of its annual event dedicated to developers. Last year, it was at the end of March that the company revealed the program for WWDC 2021. Still a few days to wait, therefore.

As for the iMac, are you particularly expecting a new 27″ model? Or rather a new iMac Pro model?

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