Xavi: “Yes, Lewandowski is one of the options we have”

Xavi: "Sí, Lewandowski es una de las opciones que tenemos"

The Barça coach, Xavi, spoke in the press room this Saturday in the preview of the last day of the League against Villarreal. A game in which the Barça team came second and with everything resolved, so all the questions revolved around the future of Barça.

What message do you send to the fans and what are they playing for tomorrow?

I would like to see a competitive team tomorrow, brave. And finish with good feelings. The objective is to play well, but for that we have had the worst rival. I think they are the best team we have come across in LaLiga this season. And besides, Villarreal is playing to enter the Conference. They are two offensive teams and it will be a good show regardless of the result.

The president speaks of “just approved”. What grade do you get?

We have saved a situation that could have been worse. That’s clear to me. Since the Bayern game I told the players that we had to compete. And we have. We have gone from less to more, we have grown. But I don’t give myself a grade because they will criticize me. But we have saved a critical situation. We are embodying the idea of ​​the game. But Barça cannot afford another year without winning trophies. Internally, I have already told the players what I think. We have turned it around; you have to turn it around for next season.

What news do you have on economic levers; Are you impatient not knowing what to do?

The president transmits confidence to me and that we will be able to reinforce ourselves. But we have done sports planning. But I also don’t want them to talk so much about money that they then criticize me for talking about money. But it’s not up to me for money; let’s talk about football

How do you see the Mbappé thing?

Ask me about Barca. Do what you want and be happy. I want the players to be happy. He has the upper hand, so I don’t understand the question.

Are you going to wait until June to inform the players of the future?

Four or five players already know what I think. It is a good time to make decisions. I feel bad to tell you that you will not continue in the team but I have to inform you.

Do you agree that Barça does not pay large salaries?

I would like us to be on the list, but we can’t compete. We have not entered the bid for Haaland and we would have liked to. Or by Mbappé, but the economic situation is what it is. You can no longer look back and look at the contracts. We have to join hands, Barcelona fans, reinforce ourselves well… And try to be more competitive from now on.

Is Xavi going to take vacations or is he going to turn off his mobile?

I am positive and grateful. Sometimes it’s stressful and frustrating. I’m at the best club in the world, I love it and I’m not going to stop working. Sign this one, another. Prepare workouts. And we have work. There is work and welcome.

Is this summer important?

Yes, but not for me. I look around the club. It’s also for me that I’m the first person in charge of the men’s first team, but above all for Barça. We all have to make an effort to compete again. I am going to try to contribute my leadership so that we are a family and we can compete again. I think we’ve tried, we’ve had a great second round but we haven’t been able to win titles and that means things have to change.

Lewandowski has said that he does not want to continue at Bayern. Does it bring you closer to Barça?

Yes. It is one of the options. He has publicly said that he wants to leave. He has one year left and it will not be easy but Lewandowski is one of the options, of course.

Could tomorrow be Dembélé’s last game?

Yes. It could be that, or renew. We are in negotiations. We are going to be optimistic and hopefully he stays. He has played excellent games and when he hasn’t been we have missed him. He is a player that I like, but it is a matter that has to be negotiated.

Have you spoken with Umtiti, Riqui, Mingueza…?

Yes, and some more. Each one must say it in his own way. Players who do not continue must be given enough time to decide their future. I think it’s important to be honest and face it.

What predisposition have you seen from the players to leave?

Very good. Someone has surprised me and moved me because he has thanked me. I have to make decisions and I must be clear. I don’t want to embitter anyone’s sports career, I just want to tell them clearly that it will be difficult for them to participate here. It’s reality. It is hard at times but I have to be clear.

Is there hope that Frenkie de Jong will stay?

It is that here we return to speak of economic situation. Frenkie is a bestial player, to make a difference and an era. But you have to see specific situations. I really like Frankie. He is very capable and he can help us. Once again we are talking about money, which I don’t like. What we are clear about is that the players who come have to improve. We cannot sign a player who knows that he will not play. We already have those. We have to sign players who can be starters and that’s what we’re looking for.

Will it be key that the players are neat?

Those who come have to be, but for those who are now too. We have lacked basting more passes. We need players who are reliable in position play. That’s what I mean neatly.

Will you be waiting for the Champions League final this Saturday in Turin?

It will be a great game and I’m going to live it like one more culé. Lyon is a piece of the team and it won’t be easy

Has a stay been valued?

We will start on the 4th of July and we have time. We don’t start until August and there will be time. We will travel to the United States to compete from day one.

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